I have been studying all that you sent. It is so amazing and so comprehensive!! All the maps will be so helpful. What a fantastic job you did for us. Still have so much to read and look at. Your research and help went way beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend you to all my family and friends. Thanks so much!!

Joy Huler, Santa Ynez, California



Dear Camilla,

Just wanted you to know that we had the most fantastic visit to Stockholm because of your research, reports, maps, and your introduction to NN and NN. They were the most helpful, kind, and delightful people. With your research and also theirs, we were able to visit the home areas of my grandmother and my great-grandfather and great-grandmother, and the towns they lived in, and the cemeteries where they are now resting. It was the most amazing trip and one that will always be cherished in my memory. Thanks again for your thorough and abundant research and great helpfulness to us.

Joy and Kal Huler, Santa Ynez, California

During the past three months, Camilla has done extensive research for us on our Swedish ancestors. We are very pleased with the final reports on three different families and now we have a better understanding of who our Swedish ancestors are, what they did and where they lived. While she was doing research on our relatives, she kept us informed on her progress. In addition, the maps showed us where our ancestors lived, and in our next trip to Sweden we want to visit those areas. For those deciding to whom should help them in their research of their ancestors, we highly recommend Camilla. She is very thorough in researching Swedish ancestors. And you will have a much better understanding of your heritage.

Larry and Deanna Sivers, Stafford, Virginia


My father's sister is 94 years old, has 27 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren. I am grateful that she is so mentally alert. When she received your report it meant so much to her and made certain that every one of her descendants who can read reported back to her when they were finished. She filled in much detail about her mother and father, her sisters and brothers. So many memories came back to her and she said it was the absolute best Christmas she could ever receive. Camilla, your report was easy to follow yet so very full of details that opened up an historic family "heirloom" that will be passed on to the Youngstrand for any generations to come.

Fredric Youngstrand, Duluth, Minnesota



I want to thank you on behalf of me and my family for the great work you did for our ancestry. You were very friendly during the process informing me on where you were at during it and answering the many little questions I had for you along the way. I am working on our history on this side of the pond so I can appreciate the work that goes into it!

Again, thank you so much,

Wade Anderson, Waite Park, Minnesota


Hej Camilla!

The amount of information you came up with was staggering, and I am sure that you have had many other jobs that were even much more complicated. I was particularly impressed that Anders Fredrik Ellström and his wife Maria Andersdotter had eleven children! My relationship with Maria Wetterstrand with all the other people in the family removed, seems too simple! But alas, it is not really!

Tack så mycket, Camilla, for all your work! I could not have come up with more than a fraction of the information you presented to me in a lifetime of labor!

Bästa hälsningar,

Lee Hegstrand, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Camilla is an exceptionally talented genealogist who leaves no stone unturned. The research and the resulting reports, maps, and documentation are fascinating.

The research that Camilla just completed on the family name of Edsling (aka Essling) has an incredibly lively, fascinating history. Camilla provided our family with thorough information complete with original documentation. It takes that part of our family back to the 16th century (and beyond) when an ancestor was acknowledged by the King as his daughter.

Thank you so much, Camilla.

Judy Malmberg, Lake Elmo, Minnesota


Dear Camilla,

I am amazed at the amount of in-depth detail you were able to ascertain from the Swedish records. To start you on the research project, I had only family stories from my mother and my aunt, both born in America. There was little concrete information available from the U.S. records. You have delved into records as far back as the 1700's. You have translated the Swedish writings, in some cases, from "old Swedish" to present day Swedish and then into English. I could never have done this work on my own. Even written in English, the style of the handwriting made the records difficult to read. I now have over 70 pages of research (and copies of documents) about my grandfather and 124 pages about my grandmother and her immediate family. I am going to bind and cover this lovely record into two books and give them to my son as part of his family history. Camilla, as we traveled on this "research journey" together, you consulted me about where I had special interests and then kept me "in the loop" during the process. My friend, you did a remarkable job!

Most sincerely,

Sonja B. Bonner, Oceanside, California


Dear Camilla:

Thank you very much for finding our relatives in Sweden.  Two weeks ago my son and I met our newly found relatives.  I had never been in southwestern Sweden before and was surprised with the rolling, fertile countryside.  We were welcomed by many relatives with open arms and much Swedish food.  The afternoon was getting to know each other and that evening was a large family dinner at another relative's house. Sunday was a trip to the family church, a drive around the family homestead, and some geology at a coal mine museum and a rock quarry.  The evening was more family reunion.  Monday we spent with a realtive before leaving Sweden.

Through you we have again contacted with long lost relatives for which I am thankful.  My son is in Copenhagen twice a year on business and he has been invited back to our relatives which I feel he will do.  We have been in continuous contact with them by email and look forward to them visiting us.

Again, many, many tanks.

Grover Emrich, Wayne, Pennsylvania 


I would like to thank Camilla Ek for the genealogical work she did tracing my grandparents and their ancestors.  Camilla’s detailed information included not only birthdates, marriages, children and death dates but locations in Sweden where they lived and their type of work.  Camilla’s genealogical details allowed us to visit some of the homes where they lived, places they worked, churches they attended and cemeteries where they were buried.  I cannot say enough about how much we appreciate what Camilla did for us.

Burt Lundquist, Richmond, Indiana


Thanks Camilla for all your work 'finding' my Swedish family 'roots'! Just to let you know that my son brought me the 70+ pages of the report that he had printed for me yesterday! Needless to say, I just HAD to begin reading it...til 2 AM in the morning when I forced myself to delay any more & go to bed!

So happy for all the work you did and I can now rest knowing that for the next generations it is now all researched & documented. I want to have it secured together in some kind of protective folder.

Am considering a bit more later on the three latest that immigrated to the United States.

Marilynn Magnuson Daley, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Dear Camilla,

Many, many thanks, Camilla Ek, for all the excellent work you did to gather so much information about our Swedish Ancestors that we knew so very little about.  We have studied and studied the genealogical reports with great interest.  We have shared the reports with our family and relatives.  We are all in agreement that you have done a wonderful job.  We now feel we finally know our ancestors of yesteryears.  We really like the stories of different times of family happenings, happy or sad.  It shows the life as it was.  Each time we go over the reports these ancestors become closer to us as our family.

Again, many thanks Camilla.  You did an awesome job.

Lowell and Barb Anderson, Clara City, Minnesota