Conditions and terms

Roots & Branches aims to offer services that suit anyone interested in finding out more about their Swedish roots and relations. Genealogy is, however, not an exact science, and certain reservations must be made.

Research is conducted primarily in Swedish sources, mainly the church records. To some extent, Roots & Branches also undertakes assignments to look for Swedish emigrants in American sources.

The researched individuals must be born after 1700. It is generally difficult to find information in Swedish sources about people born before the 18th century, unless they belonged to the nobility or the clergy. For example, a 5-generation research project with a starting person born in 1800 would be difficult, if not impossible.

Father unknown. It is not rare to find that a woman got pregnant out of wedlock. In most cases, the father was registered as "unknown" in the church records. If an individual's father cannot be found, and hence nor his ancestors, $5 per missing individual in the family tree will be deducted from the fixed rate.

If ancestors disappear from the sources for any reason and cannot be found, $5 per missing individual will be deducted from the fixed rate.

Reservations are also made for the fact that not all information sought for, especially in an extensive research assignment, is noted in the sources. For the very earliest ancestors found, only names can be expected.

Roots & Branches saves all the research results, so that you can come back later and order more research based on what is already carried out.

Roots & Branches only accepts orders from persons who are 18 years or older.

Time of delivery

Since each genealogy assignment is unique, it is impossible to say how long the research will take. The time needed depends on how extensive the investigation is in number of generations and amount of information, and how compliated it turns out to follow each family line. Roots & Branches will, however, keep the client informed about how the research proceeds.


In connection with the completion of the assignment, you will receive an e-mail with a PayPal invoice. As soon as the money has arrived on Roots & Branches' account, the full report will be sent. Roots & Branches only accepts payments made through PayPal. PayPal's money transfer service allows you to safely use Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards, and you don't need a PayPal account in order to pay the invoice. Never send cash or checks! (To cash an American check in a Swedish bank costs $50-$75.)

Mode of delivery

Electronic files will be sent via e-mail. Printed documents will be delivered by regular mail.

Right to cancel

As a genealogy assignment is conducted according to the client's particular instructions and thus is clearly personalized, the right to cancel does not apply. This is in accordance with the Swedish Distance and Door-to-Door Sales Act (2005:59, Chapter 2, §5).


Every effort will be made to check the research result against the sources. Spelling errors or typos, however, may appear in the final report. If you should find any errors in the report, do contact Roots & Branches immediately so that the problem can be corrected.

Roots & Branches cannot be held responsible for any computer related problems that the recipient might have when opening an electronic file. If the recipient's computer cannot open the file in question, another electronic format or a printed copy can be obtained.